Service & System Maintenance

System maintenance is critical to the longevity of your drip system.  Whether it is being proactive with routine maintenance or responding to increased pressure, the experts at Eco-Drip have the knowledge and experience to take care of your needs. Our service department is ready to keep your irrigation system working for you!  If you are interested in scheduling a service call please submit a service ticket with as much detail as possible. There are three proactive services that Eco-Drip provides to prolong the life of your drip system.


Acidizing removes hard water residue in the PVC lines, driplines, and emitters.  It is essential for keeping systems operating at peak performance in areas where irrigation water contains a high amount of bicarbonates and salts.  Eco-Drip recommends acidizing once every two acre feet applied or every other year, whichever comes first.  Acidizing may also be used to solve emitter plugging due to improper fertilizer injection, root intrusion, or mineral plugging.

System Start-Up

Starting any pressurized system can be stressful.   If your system was not properly winterized at shut down, you could be starting with a dirty filter or you could have valves that are not opening.  Eco-Drip can be there to go through the system the day you turn on the irrigation wells.  We will check out all solenoids, open the filter system to check for cleanliness and sand level, and make sure that all valves are in their proper position.


The best time to winterize your drip system is the last day you are planning to irrigate.  A proper winterization cleans the filters, drains all low spots, and properly shuts down all electronic components.  Cleaning the filters prepares the system to be easily started up in the spring.  Shutting down and unplugging all electronics prevents damage from winter storms and power outages.