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Soil Moisture Sensors

Soil Moisture Sensors

The ECIII Pro has the ability to bring in Soil Moisture values from remote RTU-8 LX models discussed earlier.  Many brands of soil moisture sensors can be deployed into the system.  We offer many solutions depending on what the end users’ needs are.  Typically we run several sensors from the RTU-8LX’s that will be located at an existing valve bank.  This allows us to be in an area representing the zones being monitored.  We can deploy the sensors 200-400 away from the valve banks with a single cable installed in a conduit 18-24” deep.  *Note: Some sensors are limited to the distance of wire from the RTU.  Currently we suggest installation of the Campbell Scientific CS655 in order to meet most demands of wire runs and quality of measurements and long life span.

Some sensors are deployed independently at different depths while others have several sensors in a profile probe with depths 4”- 8” apart available in 18”-60” in total measuring depth.  Eco-Drip currently prefers the deployment of single sensors and multiple depths due to the sensors capability in providing a larger measured area.  We also look for the best measurement type, TDR with these sensors. 

Eco-Drip will use this data to aid in determining irrigation events, depth of irrigation when applied and as a value included in the water balance method.  A site survey is general done to determine suitable locations of Soil Moisture Sensors. Advanced users can correlate fertigation application a follow EC to determine local of fertilizer in the profile.  This is available due to the system recording each irrigation and fertigation event with times and volumes applied on each zone.

Weather Stations

Eco-Drip offers commercial grade weather stations called the Eco-Wx Pro.  The Eco-Wx Pro is built rugged and combines some of the best environmental sensors to measure the following:
• Wind Speed and Direction
• Solar Radiation
• Air Temperature
• Relative Humidity
• Rainfall
• Barometric Pressure (Optional)

These measurements can then be calculated to provide Evapotranspiration – ETo, Growing Degree Days or GDU’s, and Dew Point

All of the weather is recorded and displayed on the ECIII Pro where crops can be assigned to zones and crop coefficients can be set to each crop.  Once that is set up the controller will initiate irrigation each day to provide the precise amount of water require by the crop.  These types of scenarios are best operated under conditions where available water supply can meet daily ETc.  If water is in shortage a user can easily define a percent of the calculated ETc of the crop ( i.e. 60%, 80%. 100%).  All data is archived in the Central Database and viewed in many formats on any web browser.  One of the most valuable pieces of data is displaying the current water balance of what is applied and what is required each day.

Web Server Data - Archiving and Viewing

Eco-Drip offers a cloud based solution called KONECT. Data is pulled from the ECIII Pro every 15 minutes. Eco-Drip leverages Microsoft technologies by using Microsoft's Internet Information Services (IIS) to provide secure and reliable data communication and delivery for hosting web-based access to system data and reports. Data can be downloaded in several industry standard formats in to include PDF, Excel, Word, CSV, XML, PowerPoint and more.

KONECT provides alerts in the event that there is an interruption in any scheduled data collection, via email and/or SMS.  KONECT allows a user to set an Alarm/Alert on any monitored value. The flexibility of this tool allows the monitored value to have multiple Alarm/Alerts. The system generates and sends out emails and/or text messages with a direct link in that email/text to acknowledge the alarm and disable/snooze. Voice alerting is an option that is on the roadmap.

Eco-Drip KONECT is viewable through any web browser with the ability to customize views by creating dashboards with widgets.  Eco-Drip solutions allow you access in the data in ways that are easiest for you.

Eco-Drip’s user interface for the Central Database can correlate Meteorological Data such as ETo, ETc with actual daily water consumption.  The meteorological data may come from an on-site weather station or values brought in from other external sources.  The Eco-Drip’s Central Database, Eco-Drip KONECT currently has the ability to retrieve values and control programs remotely.  The EC3 Pro has the option of complete controls via a VNC viewer that can be accessed from any device. 
The Current database is robust and has redundancy measures to avoid data loss.  All data shall be managed and archived until cancelled. Eco-Drip KONECT allows many tiers of access and permissions to allow different users different levels of data availability. All sites have unlimited users with each assigned a Username and Password with defined permissions.