Agronomy Services

In working with Texas Plant and Soil Lab, we have learned that to grow the best crop, it is critical to ask the plant what it needs. To listen to the plant carefully, we take soil samples before each growing season, as well as plant tissue samples during each growth stage. These soil samples and plant tissue samples are essential to making accurate nutritional recommendations.

By analyzing what nutrients are already available to your crop, we can determine the additional amount of each nutrient needed to meet the ideal nutritional requirements for that growth stage. With these results, we can create the best nutritional plan for your crop. Once a fertilizer recommendation is made, we can create the 100% water-soluble custom blend that meets the needs of your field.


To help our growers achieve maximum quality and growth, we have created a Fertility Program with two options:

Full program:

  • Soil sample
  • Plant tissue sample at each stage of growth
  • Ceres aerial imaging
  • Weekly inspection by a qualified agronomist
  • Custom N, P, K and micronutrient recommendations
  • Full program fields have the highest priority for timeliness of petiole sampling and fertilizer delivery

Petiole on Request:

  • Single plant tissue sample at any point during growing season.
  • Custom N, P, K and micronutrient recommendation

Soil samples are also available per request.

If you want to apply precise custom fertilizers that will provide your crop with the proper amount of each nutrient, contact 806.757.2120 to get more information or sign up for our Fertility Program.


4R Partnership:

As 4R Nutrient Stewardship Partners, we seek to implement service practices consistent with the 4R Principles. The 4Rs stand for right source at the right rate, at the right time and in the right place. Our goal is to embrace the 4R framework and create awareness about these best management practices among our growers.

Learn more about how Eco-Drip is working toward these goals here.